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In our educational system today, a student's academic success is the result of good classroom management and self-reinforcement. While some students can achieve success in school due to intrinsic motivation, others may need more. Reading comprehension skill is essential for the early education years and is critical in all aspects of a student’s life. The aim of this study was to analyze the relationship between a token reward system and reading comprehension scores. This study was structured as a quasi-experimental AB design and included two separate phases over a course of 12 weeks with 12 middle school participants. Phase A was a six-week treatment phase in which a token reward system was implemented to test its effects on reading comprehension scores. Phase B was the second half of the study, where the token reward system was discontinued and reading comprehension scores continued to be monitored. Data was collected and analyzed on the effects the token reward system had on reading comprehension scores using a paired sample t-test. This author hypothesized that with the implementation of a token reward system, the participants’ combined reading comprehension scores would increase. Results showed a significant difference in reading comprehension scores between Phase A and Phase B, in which during Phase A with the implementation of a token reward system, reading comprehension scores increased.

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