Journal of Applied and Educational Research (2017-2019)


Vanessa Leavitt



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Achieving a high degree of mastery and success on an instrument is often a goal of band students, as well as that of their parents, band directors, and lesson teachers. The ability to practice consistently and to make lasting improvements during practice sessions is essential to this mastery. Teaching practice strategies is important for stimulating desire to practice and ensuring productive individual practice. This study explored the correlation between providing band students in grades 6-8 instruction on how and why to practice, and the frequency and efficiency of their individual practice time. During the instructional phase of this study, students learned and applied various practice strategies. Reporting of practice time, knowledge of practice strategies, and practicing ability data was collected prior to and at the conclusion of instruction on practice strategies. The pre- and poststudy data was analyzed, and results supported the hypothesis that an increase in practice frequency occurs following instruction on practice strategies. The data was less conclusive concerning the influence of teaching practice strategies on practice efficiency.

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