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September 1970


This black and white photograph is a scan from the Keith DeHaven Books. It contains the newspaper copy of Speech by Flora Francis, Sedgwick Centennial Queen, as given on September 11. Photo of Flora Francis is shown in #2012.158.50a.


Newspapers, History, Centennial celebrations, Sedgwick (Kan.), Harvey County (Kan.)


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Speech by Flora Francis, Sedgwick Centennial Queen (As given by Mrs. Flora Francis Friday evening, Sept. 11) I am a candidate from the Christian church. A one-room church was moved in from Grant Township in 1896. It had no baptistry, and they had to to the river. It was fine in the summer, but when I was baptised in February and ice floating, it was a mite chilly. Our present church was dedicated in 1913. Our present minister, Rev. Vail, is an old-timer to this generation, and they don't know any other minister except him, as he has been here 25 or 26 years. We hope he will be here 25 years more, but I know some of us oldsters will be pretty antique by then (but everyone loves antiques). I remember when we had four mail routes out of Sedgwick 30 miles long and drove a horse to little mail wagons with stoves in them. The carriers received $50 per month and kept three horses, but we did not require as much as they do now. We were happy in a three-room house in the west part of town that we paid $400 for -and 10 percent interest for the money to pay for it. Of course we did not have a bathroom but did have a good pump in the back yard and could pump a tub of water in the morning and by night in the summer it was just right for a bath. But in the winter it had to be around the Round Oak stove. I remember when Joe Eshelman moved to town and brought two cows. He sold his milk for 4 cents a quart. Just think of giving 28 cents per week for your milk. Some have asked what we did for recreation when we were kids. Oh, we had fun! Of course we all went to church on Sunday evening. Saturday night was band concert. Friday night was party night, and we would drive a horse and buggy 5, 6, and 7 miles to go to the homes; did not always have music--sometimes a mouth harp and sometimes a fiddle. We would have to sing our little quadrill numbers. The one we used a lot was "Gone again, skip come a lou, my darling. If you can't get a redbird, a black bird will do. Skip come a lou, my darling."


Newspapers, History, Centennial celebrations, Sedgwick (Kan.), Harvey County (Kan.)


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