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Rural Newton. 1902. Fifteen boys, twenty-two girls, one woman teacher are posing by a frame building. An arrow points to a boy in the back row and another arrow points to a small girl in the front row. Information with photo reads as follows: "Title: Photo taken in 1902. Trousdale Grade School later changed to Zimmerdale School District 79. Names listed: Left to Right: Seated on ground: Emerson Rodgers, Harvey Zook, Jess Schertz, John Zook. First row: Art Rodgers, Silas Hart, Ira Zook, ? Rogers, Sadie Zook, Mrs. Rueben Royer, Edna Umholtz, Ester Rogers, Namoia Brenneman, Anna Roupp, Chloe Weaver, Ida (?) Lydia Umholtz, Ganis Horst. Second row: Abbie Roupp, Amanda Byler, Bessie Pletcher, Tillie Horst, Susie Umholtz, Irene Newhouser, Enola Nebergal, Lula Brenneman, Elizabeth Byler, Gertrude Byler, Charley Umholtz. Third row: [starting directly under window shutter] John Roupp, Titus Horst, Joe Newhouser, Amon Horst, Anna Reiff, Linda Nebergal, Bro. Jack, Alta Schertz, Miss Katy Kelly - teacher." Rodgers, Emerson; Zook, Harvey; Schertz, Jess; Zook, John; Rodgers, Art; Hart, Silas; Zook, Ira; Zook, Sadie; Royer, Mrs. Rueben; Umholtz, Edna; Rogers, Ester; Brenneman, Namoia; Roupp, Anna; Weaver, Chloe; Umholtz, Lydia; Horst, Ganis; Roupp, Abbie; Byler, Amanda; Pletcher, Bessie; Horst, Tillie; Umholtz, Susie; Newhouser, Irene; Nebergal, Enola; Brenneman, Lula; Byler, Elizabeth; Byler, Gertrude; Umholtz, Charley; Roupp, John; Horst, Titus; Newhouser, Joe; Horst, Amon; Reiff, Anna; Nebergal, Linda; Schertz, Alta; Kelly, Katy;

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City & town halls, Buildings, North Newton (Kan.), Harvey County (Kan.)


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City & town halls, Buildings, North Newton (Kan.), Harvey County (Kan.)


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