The Docking Institute of Public Affairs at Fort Hays State University surveyed a random sample of adult residents of Kansas age 18 and older to assess attitudes and opinions regarding various issues of interest to Kansas citizens. Surveying took place from April 28 to September 8, 2009, when 2,082 households were contacted via telephone. In 1,220 households, an eligible respondent completed the interview. This results in a cooperation rate of 62%. This sample has a margin of error of +/- 2.9% at a 95% confidence level (that is, there is a 95% probability that the true percentages in the population fall within 2.9% of the survey estimates), assuming no response bias. Sample demographics were compared to known Census-based distributions. The sample matched closely with all except age and gender. Due mostly to lower usage of landline-based telephones among Kansans under 26 years of age and higher response rates among females and those over 55, the overall population estimates are biased toward the opinions of women and older Kansans. All relationships included in this report are statistically significant at the 95% level of confidence.

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