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This color printed and handwritten four page document consists of a letter form Gloria J. Berman thanking Currey for the slides he sent, as well as updating him on her use of them. The cursive writing is transcribed. The letter head consists of red print and the handwriting consists of blue ink.

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printed text on paper


Interview collection, Correspondence, Long Binh Jail (Vietnam (Republic)), Prisoners, Inmates of institutions, Veterans, Mansfield (Mass.)


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5-3-90 Dear Cecil, Once again I must thank you for the slides; they are wonderful. How right you were about the possibility that there would be other opportunities for their use. I have found a few already. First of all, the vets at the treatment center found the slides fascinating and to some extent they brought back familiar scenes and faces. There were very surprised somewhat disoriented and a little disappointed to find the reality of a peace time Vietnam to be so different from the war-torn Nam they left. They had expected to see a descimated and cratered land and instead there was serene rural scenes and bustling urban frames. Their response was very interesting to me because, from what I've read, vets who recently retuned to Vietnam have experienced the same feelings as these men who sat in a prison and revisited via slides. Fascinating we humans. The men who had been in the urban areas recognized land marks(sic) and enjoyed that. At times they broke down into small groups and animatedly talked about the scenes in front of them. One of the slides was so peaceful and lovely that I enlarged it for my own pleasure. My one disappointment was that there were no pictures of LBJ. I wonder what it looks like and I surmise that Verne could get some therapeutic mileage out of the experience. I hope I don't appear either ungrateful or greedy. but if you have any you could spare I would be grateful if you could just slip them in an envelope and send them to me. One of the officers borrowed the slides and showed them to a number of vets one evening at home. Since then I have placed them in the able and creative hands of one of my best friends who teaches art at Chelsea High School. Chelsea is part of Boston and, traditionally, is an area that houses the newest imigrant group until it moves upward. Currently, there are over 50% Southeast Asian [illegible] there as well as substantial number of Blacks and Hispanics. As she shows the slides, she give history, political culture, and humanities lessons. Of course, she also addressed the art of the area. She has described the excitement and they evidence as they share the experience with each other (that is the Cambodian, Vietnamese and Hatian children) and with the others in their classroom. The American and Hispanic teenagers get exposed to Asian art in site and may be as close as they ever come to the far East. As you can see, your kind efforts have already caused the ripples to radiate out. Thanks again, Gloria Berman P.S. Unfortunately, I do not, yet, deserve thte title Dr. since I have temporarily withdrawn from the program - Ms. will do. Thanks, G.

Letter from Gloria Berman


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