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This black and white cursive written and typed ten page document consists of an interview which was mailed to Robert Jackson, then returned, discussing his time in Long Binh Jail in Vietnam, the riot, and the treatment of the prisoners by guards. The cursive pages are transcribed. A handwritten map of the layout of the prison is included.

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Transcriptions, Interview collection, Military prisons, Long Binh Jail (Vietnam (Republic)), Prisoners, Inmates of institutions, Courts-martial and courts of inquiry, Huntsville (Tex.), Maps


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February 27, 1990 Dear Mr. Curry(sic)- I was thinking as I filled out your questions that you should pick out a couple of guys and have someone hypnotise(sic) them and you'd get a hell of a description it would seem. It's too bad I'm in here because I'd really like to do that and then listen to a tape of it all. This isn't the best way to give you the information you want, but it's about all I remember. One other thing... I was arrested with a lot of heroin (200 vials) and applied for an undesirable discharge instead of facing a courtmartial(sic). When I was in solitary after the riot the sargent(sic) came to the end of the row of cells and hollered, "Jackson!" I stood at attention at my door and hollered back "Cell 65 Sergent." He came to my door and told me to police my cell and get ready to leave. I asked him "Oh, amd I going back to the compound?" He said, "No! You are being discharged." So... I was realeased and had an unarmed guard with me at my company in Bien Hoa until my Stateside(sic) flight 3 days later. I was assigned another unarmed guard for the flight and was discharged at OKland(sic) Army Base as soon as I got there and was processed. I wasn't allowed to wear a military uniform and was accompanied to the base gate in civilian clothes and turned loose at the gate. Since you are at a place where you might be able to help me, I'll ask: During the course of days at school, you must come across a lot of kids who you can evaluate their personal attitudes and I would really like to correspond with a nice person who would consider being my pen pal. (a girl preferably)! I offer this as for you to tell a potential writing friend... I'm 38, I have a very supportive family that provides me with my every need and I do not want anything from anyone other than friendship and letters so as to help me pass my time. I come up for parole in 1993 and I have several job offers, a home, and will be able to take care of myself with some money I have saved. I'm not interested in mind games or con games. I just want a nice person to write. I've lived in Florida (Panama City) and have worked all over Florida. I'm a cowboy - don't drink, but I still do marijuana. I'm interested in a lot of things but am an accomplished artist as my past time. I'm making anywhere from 200 to 1000 dollars for a painting and am going to try to make it in the art world when I get out. I've tried to help you and I'm not saying you owe me anything. I'm just asking you repectfully to help me make a new friend. I can only give my word that I will be honest and upright with anyone who might be intertested in corresponding with me. I'm not a religous(sic) guy really - so no fanatic christian please. Just a down-home country girl! HA! I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to scan back on my memory. I think it's helpful to be able to talk about Viet Nam(sic) - good- or bad. I don't suffer any PTSD I don't think - maybe- but I'm not a violent guy or nutty. I just plain got too far on drugs to help myself and it got me into this mess I'm in now. I'm trying to overcome it, but a friend would be a lot of help. Good luck to you and if you have any further questions or need me to elaborate - feel free. Respectfully Robert E. Jackson

Interview with Robert Jackson


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