Cecil B. & Laura G. Currey Archive of Military History
The Cecil B. and Laura G. Currey Archive contains items on the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam Conflict. Correspondence, memorabilia, telegrams, photographs, declassified Army documents, reports, newspapers, journals, manuscripts, teaching materials, and transcripts of interviews are among many things that are a part of this distinctive collection. For more information, see the full finding aid.

Content Disclaimer

The primary source materials contained in the Fort Hays State University Special Collections’ Cecil B. and Laura G. Currey Archive of Military History have been placed there for research purposes, preservation of the historical record, and as reflections of particular attitudes and policy positions adopted during the period under examination. Because this material contains descriptions of practices and events occurring during the global Cold War, including the implementation of counterinsurgency techniques, execution of covert actions, and commission of war crimes including the use of torture, some items in this collection may be sensitive in nature and may not represent the attitudes, beliefs, or ideas of their creators, persons named in the collection, or the position of Fort Hays State University.

The subjects discussed, both generally or specifically, by Dr. Currey and his subjects, particularly aspects of the U.S. intelligence community’s counterinsurgency and covert actions in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, and the commission of war crimes during the Vietnam War have previously been declassified and introduced into the public record through either the 1975 Church Committee and its subsequent report or the 1994 declassification of materials assembled by the Vietnam War Crimes Working Group (VWCWG).


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