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A digital photograph of a watercolor painting created by Mabel Vandiver, former Art Department chair at Fort Hays State University. At all four edges light brown and yellow colorings can be seen. Around the middle of the image deep blackish-brown lines form the shape of the house. There is a bright yellow shape in the center with a darker red surrounding it, making it look like a small fire in the center of a house. Dark purple and blue smoke flows toward the right side of the painting. The purple changes into a bright red smoke cloud that covers almost the entire top of the painting. Toward the right edge of the painting, another cloud of smoke is a light rose pink color. Directly to the left of the fire are bright blues and greens, making it look like it is possible to see further into the house. On the left side of the painting are brown areas that make the shape of the house more prominent. This brown bleeds down toward the bottom edge of the print. All of these colors combine to create an overall image suggesting a small house on fire.

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9"x 12" watercolor painting;


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