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This black and white two page document features a handwritten letter from Alice Paynter to Mrs. Nita Landrum. Paynter apologies for not paying Alumni dues, as she can spare little money to keep them up. She emphasizes in the letter the President Lewis was a huge motivator of hers and that she would not have pursued a degree without him. She wishes to send whatever money she can to a fund to build the Campanile.

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handwritten text on paper


Fort Hays State University, Ellis County (Kan.), Bell towers, Memorials, Correspondence, College presidents


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Paynter, A. (1934). A Letter from Alice Paynter.


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Alton, Kansas Nov. 16, 1934. Mrs. Nita Landrum Hays, Kansas. Dear Mrs. Landrum:- I do not feel that I can really afford to keep up my alumni dues - that is why I have not paid them in the past. I realize too fully that if it had not been for the help and encouragement of Pres. Lewis I would not have the had the courage to go on and get my degree and I want to help what little I can to build the campanile because I know it was one of his unfulfilled visions. I enjoyed the Leader when I was in school but the student body and faculty members have changed a lot. Of course I would still enjoy it but not so much as to know I had done all I could to fulfill some vision of Pres. Lewis. If you have not started such a fund can't you start one? I want all of what I can send to help build the Camanile. I've had to give up a lot of things I would like to have in order to accomplish what I thought were bigger things. Would like to have had my college class ring but couldn't, also many of my camp fire honors - firemakers' bracelet; torch bearer's pin; guardian's pin; etc. I've had a lot of sickness and been out of work for 2 years. Was just out of the hospital 12 days when my father dies and the double shock just about got the best of me. That makes it mighty hard and what little I can pay I want it put on a memorial fund. Resp. Alice Paynter

Letter from Alice Paynter


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