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This black and white two page document features a copy of a paper with notes and writing detailing the research for preparation of the rededication of the lounge.

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Fort Hays State University, Ellis County (Kan.), Dedications, Buildings, Conservation & restoration, Remodeling


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Pictures for Custer E. Lounge & Related Research I. Elizabeth Bacon Custer (1842-1933). A) KS St. His. Soc. - Nancy Sherbert 561-3165 (10-7-82 - Bob of this office will send photo copies of picture and a price list). B) Dr. Leo Olivia's book about Ft. Hays C) Frost, Lawrence A., The Custer Album. Seattle, Wash. Superior Pub. Co., 1964. (Forsyth Library). See esp. pages 33, 68, & 72. 143. 178. 66 D) Ck. w/ Esta Lou Riley - Archivist at Foryth re. Custer Hall 4432 See Sheet 2 E) Ck w/ Richard Zakezenski, Curator of Univ. Museum - 4286 Did 10/28/82 - he will tel. if he turns up anything. Custer E. Lounge, Pictures and Research Cont. /28/82/Th Esta Lou Riley - Forsyth Lib. 4432 Visited w/ Esta Lou @ Forsyth. A. Went through library's verticle(sic) file on Custer Hall with her. B. Photocopied early brochure on Custer Hall - also copies to N & Anita. C. There was a good photograph of the bldg. from the NW elevation, but it has white ink on it. D. Esta Lou will keep looking for materials. 22/82/ M Esta Lou tel. to say: A. She had cleaned up the photograph and it cleaned up pretty well. B. She has found some small articles about the Hall in Leader. 1924 was first pic of bldg. in Reveille. 1925 first pic. of hall resdents(sic) in Rev.

Custer E. Lounge Research


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