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This color four page document features a draft of the speech for the dedication of the stone schoolhouse. It is written on a yellow lined paper.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, It is appropriate that we gather here today to dedicate this schoolhouse to those ancestors of ours who believed strongly that our nation's survival, even on the unsettled great plains of Kansas, depended on an educated intelligent citizenry. We also come here today to honor the 200 people who actively gave of their talent, time, and money to make this project more than just a dream. I would like to mention three women who represent the stages of progress in our project. First, Dr. Nancy Vogel, whose idealism sustained the project. Next, Mrs. Loretta Doubrava, whose political acumen and community pride forced us to choose the Plymouth School over 30 others. Finally, Mrs. Olive Garvey, whose financial support was timely, generous, and a necessity to the successful completion of the project. Will those fine ladies please rise and receive our thanks by a round of applause. Thank you Change clothes. And now, will you fly over the rainbow with me, back in time, to the turn of the century when things were perhaps a bit less complicated. The year is 1900. Only one-third of all Americans live in cities with 10,000 or more people. The majority are country folks. The times are prosperous, for we all just survived the Panic of '93. And goodness sakes! Illiteracy is almost wiped out. Only 10% cannot read and write and that's quite an improvement over fifty years ago. # I want to prove to you that here at the Plymouth School all of us can read and write and here's Mrs. Chaffin's Lincoln 2nd Grade to show you. # Croquet-- And Now we have Mrs. Keller's and Mrs. Riffey's 1st and 4th graders from Roosevelt to favor us with three of my favorite songs. # Chicago World's Fair -- Little Egypt. Speaking of wild birds, next is Mrs. Johnson's Wilson school 5th Grade and their selection is "Don't Kill the Birds." # Boys shoving -- fetch coal That's right, I said fetch and that's spelled FETCH. That brings us to our annual Plymouth School spelling bee by Mrs. Kellog and Mr. Kimble's sixth graders from Jefferson School. # BB & Naismith - Vote While you're thinking over this idea, Jo Ellen Rupp from St. Joseph's 5th grade will perform on her accordian. # Getting tired -- Get a Normal School out there at Hays. You know folks one of the things we teach here at Plymouth School is American values. So here's a moral lesson for you from Mrs. Staab's Washington 5th grade.

Draft of Schoolhouse Dedication Speech


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