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According to Barelka, Jeyaraj, and Walinski, “New Media is conceptualized as an umbrella class of information and communication technologies that is intended to connect individuals in novel and meaningful ways” (2013: 56). As part of the process of continuous quality improvement, a study was conducted in the College of Business and Entrepreneurship at a rural Midwestern university. The survey sought to determine business student preferences for the use of various types of new media to receive information from the Dean’s Office. Facebook, smartphone, and YouTube were the most popular among the students in the study; therefore, the researchers focused on these three new media. No statistically significant differences were found for these three media on the basis of age and gender with respect to the likelihood of new media usage as a communication tool by the Dean’s office.


Article originally appeared in the Southwestern Business Administration Journal Vol. 13 #1&2, pp. 47-64. Digital Scholarship @ Texas Southern University © 2015

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