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In today’s K-12 education, technology is integrated into the classroom. Pre-service teachers need to have a good foundational knowledge of technology for instruction. An Overview of Instructional Technology is designed to teach a vast array of digital tools available to make the classroom and life more interactive, efficient, and connected. Fifteen-chapters cover everything from a brief overview of computer basics to popular productivity systems, learning management systems, and web-based tools and applications for a variety of content areas. The top resources for educational technology are highlighted and a section on OER is included. An entire chapter is dedicated to Google. Online learning and mobile learning devices are explored as well as internet safety and social networking. Copyright and fair use is explained with resources on how to search for images that are acceptable to use. Pre-service teachers will learn and be more confident not only integrating technology, but entering the classroom as well.


Web-based tools, applications, social networking, Internet safety, Learning Management system, interactive, copyright. Google, online, EdTech, OER

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