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During the late nineteenth century, the name “football” could refer to early versions of soccer, rugby, or American football. In 1891, the city of Concordia, Kansas even had a women’s football team, who probably played soccer (association football). However, American football soon dominated interest in Kansas. Given the likelihood of injury and the organized practice time and coaching necessary, communities were slow to take up American football during the early years of the sport. Consequently, few games were played against teams from other communities. Another monograph summarized the history of football in Kansas through 1891 and the beginning of intercollegiate football. This monograph continues that story by using Abilene as an example of football in smaller cities and the rise of high school teams from 1891 to 1910. At the beginning and end of this period, Abilene sent local athletes Abe Lott and Dwight Eisenhower to the US Military Academy at West Point, where both played varsity football.

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foot ball, football history, American football, Abilene, Dwight Eisenhower, Ike, Abraham Lott, Alfred Briscoe, female football, women’s football, women’s soccer.



Early Football in Abilene, Kansas, from Lott to Eisenhower, 1891–1910

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