Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


Jennifer Duke


The importance of effective leaders has always been a key aspect to humankind development for betterment and to make progress. As ever and as always, companies look for success and the ‘bottom line’ is always uppermost in the minds of managers and leaders; however the current times and challenges are somewhat different and on a different scale to previous times, which requires significant changes from management and leaders in order to maintain ongoing success in organisations. Such newly introduced significant changes might result in painful and traumatic changes in the jobs and lives of the employees in the company; however such changes will always be perceived by management as positive changes for the company. Such changes are traditionally about the ongoing search for markets and in addition expanding markets both locally and regionally with the inclusion of new technologies; in summary the move to attempt the ultimate – expansion and the move to globalization. Employees are ‘somewhere’ in these processes, however they are can easily and are often somewhat overlooked.