Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


Derrick Davis


Technology consumes us and has become so intimately connected in our lives that now, to a large degree, it is dictating its use (in educational settings throughout the globe). It’s like a lion that never stops roaring-it’s demanding our attention, and its’ breathe and impact are so far reaching; it can be best described as inescapable. Thus, universities and colleges alike no longer can sit by and speculate whether or not this is a trend that will eventually disappear (as other educational trends have done so in the past). Rather, institutions need to understand that online education is more like Alexander Graham Bell’s, “Mary had a Little Lamb”; it’s a breakthrough in the delivery of education that is seeing such growth and having such an impact one would have to be oblivious not to see it. As educators, we can debate the healthiest of this growth, but cannot argue against the facts, considering that the University of Phoenix now bodes over 400,000 online students (Apollo Group, 2010), and is without question is one of the largest universities in the United States.


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