Academic Leadership: The Online Journal (2003-2012)


John Ekundayo


The leadership literature is replete with who a leader is, what leaders do, models or styles of leadership, leadership development, leadership succession, great heroic acts of leaders, etc. with little said or written about the followers who constitute the enigmatic majority in many organizations today (Adair, 2006). However, it is the view of some scholars that leadership is a dynamic interplay of influential relationships between leaders and followers situationally involved in a process with an anticipation of mutual outcomes (Pierce & Newstrom, 2008 and Hughes, R. L., et al., 2008). It is in this light that one can say without mincing words that leadership can not occur unless there is followership the other side of the coin. Simply and squarely put, in a situation, there is a leader where there is (are) follower(s).


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