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Developing the child’s creative prowess has become an indispensable venture in the course of a nation’s educational advancement programme. The Government may embark on laudable projects for the teaching/learning activities without achieving positive results if basic fundamental principles are neglected. The basic foundation of any country’s educational system start from Early Childhood education. This stage according to NPE 2004, that is why the government deem it fit to embark on early education for every child. While Policy Makers in Nigeria have seen education as the ‘magic wand’ to solving the diversified problems of mankind, it is obvious that Art and creativity if utilized and properly harnessed at the appropriate developmental stages in life has more underlying strength. According to Piaget Cognitive developmental stages highlighted in Santrock (2007), the child creativity and mental development start from age 0 to late childhood which is from Sensori-Motor stage to concrete operational stage. Art is inseparable from ‘all’ and ‘any human endeavours because it affects both the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains which are basic experiential levels, if qualitative education would be accomplished.


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