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Universities and colleges in the 21st century have taken on extreme forms of business orientation and corporate success models, taking their strategies and cues from successful business corporations and business leaders. This stems from several factors including competition in the overall economy, increased demand for training and qualifications; hence an increased demand for degrees and certifications (not necessarily an increased demand for “education” in the strict classical sense of the word, since many individuals are graduating from colleges and universities nowadays with degrees and low levels of literacy or marginally educated), contraction of economies and industries, economic saturation and increased resource constraints and limitations by increased urbanization and a global village complex, the decline of land ownership and cottage industry opportunities, lack of growth, innovation, and dynamism in survival and sustainability practices, and increased assumption and misperception concerning the economic versus the social value of education. In addition, competition as the overarching factor complicating education’s major purpose and role as a socialization agent has propelled universities and colleges to the top of the economic-capitalist earning machine which drives a rugged modernity with increasingly fewer concerns for posterity.


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