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E.D. Nakpodia


Communication system in any organisation like the school is very vital to the survival and smooth running of the organisation. It is a universal activity in one form or another between people at all times in their lives with the exception of a few religious orders. Within an organisation it is formalised as social interaction and is measured by its total amount, its frequency, which initiates it, the degree of reciprocity and its directions, upwards, downwards or sideways, among the members. In all organizations, the transfer of information from one individual to another is absolutely necessary. It is the means by which behaviour is modified, change is effected, information is made productive and goals are achieved. It could be seen that without communication, the organisation cannot exist, for there is no possibility of others. Communication from the viewpoint of Koontz et al (1984) “is to effect a change, to influence action towards the welfare of the enterprise; and as such the need for an effective channel of communication becomes imperative for the attainment of the organisational goals. To them, communication is the means by which people are linked together in an organisation.


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