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One of the goals of Education in Nigeria is the acquisition of appropriate skills, the development of mental, physical and social abilities and competencies as equipment for individual to live in and contribute to the development of the society (Federal Government of Nigeria, 2004). The realization of this goal can be impeded by non-availability of science equipment that can ensure effective teaching and learning. Many authors have, however, reported the issue of inadequacy of science equipment in educational institutions in Nigeria. (Ogunleye, 2007 in Ugwu, 2008; Ogunmade et al 2006; Nwagbo, 2008; Bajah, 1982; Osobonye, 2002). It has also been reported that the non-availability of science equipment in educational institutions serve as barrier to effective science teaching (Adeyemi, 1990; 2007), which confirms the persistent poor performance of students in science in educational institutions in Nigeria over the years. The situation is attributed to various factors, prominent among them being the issue of inadequate science equipment. The issue of inadequate funding of the education sector is also a contributing factor to the inadequacy of science equipment in educational institutions. Over the years, financial allocation to the education sector has been inadequate for the needs of the sector thus making it impossible to procure adequate equipment for teaching and learning.


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