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The purpose of this study is to understand confounding information regarding homework and school achievement. Recent research has sought to identify specific factors impacting student success as it relates to homework including parental involvement, parental education, gender, socio-economic status, computer and internet use, extra-curricular activities, and other factors. Unfortunately, the results of these studies have lacked consensus. The review of the literature shows attempts have been made to isolate co-variates along with important factors such as gender, parental involvement, and student characteristics, but the results have been unclear. This study utilized a qualitative design with interviews, observations, and collection of artifacts to attempt to isolate and understand possible factors influencing homework among seventh grade, high achieving science students and address the gaps in the literature. Interviews with teachers, parents, and students were designed to learn from these varying perspectives possible relationships or similarities that may lead to a better understanding of the relationship between parental involvement, gender, homework, and school achievement.