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Sandra Peters


Special Education teachers are very special people. Even though I have taught 7-12th grade English, high school speech, drama, forensics, debate, and directed a Montessori Middle School teaching all subjects, Special Education was a whole new world to me. I had been present at IEPs but never presented IEPs. I have had special education students in my class with and without paras, but never had I taught special education in a self-contained classroom. This past semester, I have been able to add teaching Special Education English grades 10-12 to my resume. I have presented IEPs, participated in FBAs and created BIPs, which I didn’t even know existed before this semester. I have taught students with learning disabilities and students with behavior and conduct disorders. I have met parents who have little more skills than their children and parents that have PHDs and are college professors. All exist in the world of special education.


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