Academic Leadership: The Online Journal (2003-2012)


Jeffrey Senese


The retirement of full-time faculty is an issue that is currently and likely to continue to challenge many higher education institutions. It is an issue that has implications that are long-term and both positive and negative. On the positive side for institutions, faculty retirements present potential opportunities to renew the core staffing of the institution. Faculty retirements may allow institutions to add new energy and innovation through the hiring of new faculty. Not that new ideas or innovations are the exclusive realm of new or young, but fresh ideas and approaches in higher education are more typically associated with new faculty coming to an institution for the first time rather than with senior faculty near the end of their careers. To be sure there are clearly exceptions to this phenomenon and perhaps perception and in the sphere of research that may particularly be the case as senior faculty are proportionately more productive researchers. Retirements are also opportunities to reallocate scarce faculty salary resources to areas where student demand is particularly acute.


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