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Derrick Davis


With the advent of emerging technologies in the educational arena, decision makers, at times, feel compelled to “jump on board” or get left behind the technology train. Clearly, the pressure is on with colleges now being ranked for its use of technology as in “America’s Top Wired Colleges” (Burnett 2003) and more and more students refusing to leave their technological wits at the schoolyard doors. Naysayers to the technology movement in education liken it to trends similar to the new math of the 60’s, the open classrooms of the 70’s, or the Charter schools of today. Over the last three decades, however, emerging technologies and its uses have increased exponentially, “nearly 300%”(Gosmire and Grady 2007, 12) and have changed and will continue to change how instruction is delivered inside and outside of the classroom for decades to follow. Indeed, the facts are clear and the reality is obvious —technology will remain a permanent fixture in educational settings.


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