Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


David Wyld


Blogs are certainly at the forefront of the Web 2.0 movement. Blogging has been alternatively categorized as both “the next big thing” (Gallo, 2004) and an “Internet Wasteland” (Anonymous, 2003). In a nutshell, a blog can be differentiated from a website in that it is an easier to create and update web vehicle, usually simply by typing into a preprogrammed interface. From a definitional perspective, a blog refers to an online journal that can be updated regularly, with entries typically displayed in chronological order. While blogs now encompass not only text, but video and audio as well, it is generally accepted that if the individual posts/items/articles that cannot be linked to separately via a permalink (rather then just linking to the whole site), then the site in question is not a blog. Blogs are also commonly referred to as a weblog or web log, with blog actually being the short form of these terms. Blog is also a verb, meaning to write an article on such an online journal.


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