Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


Site-Based Management (SBM), also known as decentralization, is a process that gives decision-making power over educational programs to individual schools instead of district offices with the ultimate goal of improved student learning (Hansen 2005; Tanner and Stone 1998; Walker 2007). It is a concept that was introduced to education over two decades ago (Cromwell 2005). There are a number of states and major cities in the United States that have legislated and mandated SBM programs, including Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles (Chittum 2006; Walker 2007). SBM successes and failures have a number of specific characteristics and components; however, it is the belief of this author, based on the research, that the future success of SBM will be largely determined by the role and leadership of school principals.