Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


Km. Nadeera


Education is the basic path to create a complete person improving high thinking and analytical skills for solving problems. Certain defects of the science education would be observed in developing countries minimizing the nations’ strength towards the better development. Quality of the science education is the common fact to be considered in developing countries. Most of the developing countries are following western educational systems which are unsuitable for man’s strength in developing countries as a result of the colonization. Exam oriented teaching processes are going on without understanding and applications. Learner centered, activity based science education is unpracticed due to the compact, advanced theories and concepts. Lack of skillful science teachers, unavailability of proper teacher training programs and lack of resources are major problems in those countries. How to prepare an active based lesson to enhance learners’ knowledge and skills was focused overcoming ‘teacher centered’ teaching process. The lesson ‘battery chemistry’ was formulated considering above facts and applied in some Sri Lankan high schools.