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Submissions from 2023


Soybean genetics, genomics, and breeding for improving nutritional value and reducing antinutritional traits in food and feed, William M. Singer, Yi-Chen Lee, Zachary Shea, Caio Canella Vieira, Dongho Lee, Xiaoying Li, Mia Cunicelli, Shaila S. Kadam, Mohammad Amir Waseem Khan, Grover Shannon, M. A. Rouf Mian, Henry T. Nguyen, and Bo Zhang

Submissions from 2017


Calibration of the APEX Model to Simulate Management Practice Effects on Runoff, Sediment, and Phosphorus Loss, Ammar B. Bhandari Ph.D., Nathan O. Nelson, Daniel W. Sweeney, Claire Baffaut, John A. Lory, Anomaa Senaviratne, Gary M. Pierzynski, and Phillip L. Barnes