Academic Leadership Journal


This quantitative study examined the influence of teacher-educators’ use of assertive classroom management strategies on English as a foreign language (EFL) student-teacher generic-education and language-teaching skills. Concerns have been voiced that many teachers fail to communicate target skills and information to their students though they possess abundant subject-content and pedagogical-content knowledge. Traditionally, teacher-educators have been concerned with assisting students to grasp a defined body of knowledge through information transmission. Currently, teacher educators face the challenge of assisting student-teachers to learn how to learn so that they can face political, social and economic uncertainties and to become independent lifelong learners. This demanded new ways of educating student-teachers who, too, have to handle the very task (Shawer, 2010; Shawer, Gilmore & Banks-Joseph, 2008). Some key skills student-teachers need to develop involve their use of effective classroom management strategies (Shawer, 2006).



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