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Robert J. Nash and Jennifer J. J. Jang. Preparing Students for Life Beyond College: A Meaning-Centered Vision for Holistic Teaching and Learning. Routledge, 2015. 190 p. ISBN 9781138815032. $38.95 In the book Preparing Students for Life Beyond College: A MeaningCentered Vision for Holistic Teaching and Learning, Robert J. Nash, professor at the University of Vermont, and Jennifer J. J. Jang, Director of Student Diversity at Champlain College, bring a philosophical perspective to student engagement, giving even the most seasoned professor and practitioner tested tactics to create what is described as “meaning-making” experiences for students. Meaning-making is a term developed throughout the book as, teaching students how to ask questions that help them pursue meaning in their life. Nash and Jang believe, “a college degree must do more than prepare students to earn a living; it must also prepare them to live a satisfying, meaning-filled life” (p. vii). As a resource for faculty and staff , the book provides examples and strategies throughout for constructing “holistic meaning-centered” student learning (p. ix).