Teacher-Scholar: The Journal of the State Comprehensive University


By now, many of us in higher education can recite the list of issues and problems that our profession faces as easily as singing the ABC’s ditty we learned in Kindergarten: (a) the fear of cuts in funding, (b) the need for curriculum change, (c) the impact of technology, (d) the influence of global markets and cultures, and (e) the need to understand the Net Generation—and the madness of texting. Perhaps, not since the Great Depression do we understand the true need to do more with less. Yet the ability to tackle these challenges appears hopeless, especially at state comprehensive universities where faculty members teach four-four and five-five teaching loads. How can we do more—and get anything done, at all? What kinds of options do we have? Where should we go from here? What should we do in and out of the classroom? Is there any hope?