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This black and white printed postcard is an advertisement for a Livery and Feed Stable. The advertiser's name is in large illustrated letters. There is a sunrise image above and below the name of the Stable. Printed text is at the bottom of the card. The back of the card contains a poem.

Physical Description

4"x 5" photographic postcard


Olmitz (Kan.), Barton County (Kan.), Poetry, Service industries--United States, Horses, Livery stables


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WM. Bush, Livery and Feed Stable. Good Turnouts Reasonable Charges. Olmitz, Kansas. Populist Kansas Up-To-Date. The potatoes they grow small, out in Kansas. And they eat them, tops and all, out in Kansas. Every man is sorely vexed. Every wife her husband pecks. And the preachers are unsexed, out in Kansas. Free Coinage is the go, out in Kansas, And the Gold Bug has no show, out in Kansas, Every man whose purpose is slender, Wants to borrow, and rob the lender, For the men are Neuter Gender, out in Kansas. The cattle they dehorn, out in Kansas. And they raise more hell than corn, out in Kansas, Yet it’s pleasant to relate, They are fully up to date, For the preachers they castrate, out in Kansas. They have thrown the Gold Bugs over, out in Kansas And the Pops are all in clover, out in Kansas, Their next platform for the Nation Will be Flat and inflat on. And the ministers castration, out in Kansas. They sing a tenor song, out in Kansas. And they sing it loud and long, out in Kansas. As castration is the go, And the women love it so, Though the church ‘twill overflow, out in Kansas. To be Pilchered, is the fad, out in Kansas, But if applied to Pops, it’s not so bad, out in Kansas. For the Pop who cannot breed, Who, unsexed, has lost his seed, Would be a friend indeed, out in Kansas.

Postcard: WM. Bush, Livery and Feed Stable


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