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This color printed postcard features an illustration of the map of Kansas. Rivers are drawn on the map and printed text is on the state. Wheat and an award ribbon is to the left of the state. The background is blue fading to white. The back of the card is full of printed text.

Physical Description

4"x 5" photographic postcard


Kansas, Marketing, Farm produce, Agricultural facilities, Meat industry, Cattle ranches, Mining


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Kansas Grows the Best Wheat in the World Kansas is - First in per cent of American born. First in college students per 1,000 population. First in wheat. First in apple seedlings. First in zinc smelting. Second in alfalfa. Third in value of cereal crops. Third in oil. Third in salt. Third in beef cattle. Third in sorghums. Third in farm automobiles. Fourth in horses. Fifth in poultry. Sixth in corn acreage. Sixth in value of live stock. Sixth in value of live stock products. Kansas has - The second largest milling industry. The second largest meat packing industry. The second largest creamery. Extensive deposits of coal. Farm, factory and mineral products aggregationing in value more than a billion dollars annually. A health-giving climate where folks live longer. A deep rich soil, no mountains or swamps. Schools and churches on every hand. Full complement of universities, colleges, libraries and newspapers. Wholesome environments for home building. Unlimited opportunities for prosperity through intelligent industry. J. C. Mohler, Secretary, Kansas State Board of Agriculture - One-Sixth of the Wheat Crop of the United States was Produced by Kansas in 1924.

Postcard: Kansas Grows the Best Wheat In the World