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This printed souvenir booklet contains seven pages. The cover page has gold embossment around the color illustration and the words Souvenir 1907 are embossed. There is an embossed frame depicting a portrait of a person. The image of the person has damage and is no longer recognizable. There is an American flag to the right of the portrait, Below features an individual in a red skirt and leaves framing the head. This person is surrounded by books, a globe, paint and paper and other educational materials. The next image depicts the embossed cover's backside. The right side features illustrations of an eagle and a bowl with red text on top of blue text that listed the names of the pupils. The third page displays a poem with views of people in various stages of life. The fourth page completes the poem on the left side with a picture of a schoolhouse, a woman and an eagle. The right side features an image of an owl and children walking down a patch. There is red text printed backwards. The fifth page has the same information as page four, except the text is printed correctly. The right side of the image shows the inside back cover. The sixth page is the back cover of the booklet. It is an image of a building with trees and a mountain behind it. There is gold framing around it. The final image is a small photograph of an unknown woman.

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4"x 5" photographic postcard


Saline County (Kan.), Leaflets, Viewbooks, Souvenir booklets, Yearbooks, Poetry, Student newspapers and periodicals


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Souvenir 1907 Inside: In memory of days spent together in the school-room, this token is presented with the compliments of your teacher. Powers Public School. District No. 39, Saline County, Kansas. Maud Smith, Teacher, John H. Madden Co. Supt. Pupils: Leo Madden, Lottie Gable, Gladys Whitman, William Whitman, Leo Maxwell, Edwin Davis, Ferdinand Engstrom, Earl Weis, Charley Gable, Leo Forristal, Ralph Weis, Emma Weis, Katie Anthony, Alice Plummer, Cyrena Davis, Cleo Darbe, Ada Darbe, Judith Beck, Mabel Harris, Richard Neff, Milla Weis, Elva Whitman, Sammie Harris, Albert Madden, Harold Armstrong, Ora Harris, Pearl Weis, Morrill Plummer, Eugene Neff, Raymond Madden, Laura Anthony, Carrie Anthony, Margaret Maxwell, Zelda Darbe, Bennie Darbe, May Darbe, Charley Madden, Minnie Clough. School Board: Emil Hedquist Director, J.W. Armstrong Clerk. The Close of School. The school is out! The school is out! Proclaim they on and all; The School is out! The merry shout Resounds from room and hall. And bustling here and there they go, A joyous happy band; With hearts and faces all aglow, They take each others hand. And gently murmur out “Adieu!” With many wishes twined, That life may in their pathways strew. Her flow’rs of sweetest kind. The School is out; To some perchance ‘Tis out for evermore; And they must now take up the lance, And ply the lab’ring oar. And in life’s ever warning field. The real life begin, And panoplied with wisdom’s shield Their spurs deserve and win. To others school days are not done, And time with lore unrolled Has just with them his school begun His treasures to unfold. The school is out and now we part. And go our sev’ral ways. To mingle in lifes busy mart, And spend vacation days. But let us all remember well The lessons we’ve been taught; Let’s let our lives their impress tell, And live them as we ought. The old school house will be revered, And to our mem’ries cling, The chart by which our bark was steered When life was in its spring. And teachers who the twigs inclined, And taught them how to grow. Oh dear their mem’ries are enshrined In days of long ago. O Wisdom! Sweet is thy address, Thy wooing never cease, Thy ways are ways of pleasantness, And all thy paths are peace. Thrice happy they who at thy fount, Drink from thy crystal springs. As eagles they shall upward mount, Above all lowly things. The time has come to say farewell For now our term is through. To sound our present school days knell And bid you all adieu.

Booklet: Souvenir 1907 - Powers Public School, Saline County, Kansas


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