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This color printed postcard depicts a farmer in a blue shirt and red scarf breaking virgin ground with a plow and eight oxen. Another farmer is up by the oxen. Both are wearing hats. The bottom right features a map of Kansas and includes town names and the rivers. The state is colored red with the surrounding states in different colors. The backside of the card is printed text and depicts an advertisement for coffee. Ariosa Coffee has created a series of cards available for trading. This particular card is No. 84.

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4"x 5" photographic postcard


Kansas, Farming, Advertisements, Coffee--1860-1900, Trading cards, Commercial products


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Breaking the Raw Prairie. Area 82,080 Sq. Miles. Population 996,096. Copyright 1889 Arbuckle Bros. N.Y. Arbuckle’s Ariosa Coffee Costs more and is worth more than other brands of coffee. Why? It is made from green coffee of higher grade and better drinking quality; and it is glazed at an actual cost to us of three-eighths of a cent per pound. Its entire strength and aroma are retained by our process of glazing coffee. The ingredients used in glazing are the choicest eggs and pure confectioners’ “A” sugar; in testimony of this fact, see our affidavit on each package of coffee bearing our name. The glazing, composed of eggs and sugar, not only retains the full strength and aroma of our coffee, but gives to it a richness of flavor unknown to other coffees; besides it saves the expense of eggs used in settling unglazed coffee. Beware of buying low-grade package coffee, falsely purporting to be made of Mocha, Java and Rio; this being a cheap device, employed by the manufactures, to deceive unwary consumers. Arbuckle Bros Coffee company, New York. Read this. This series of cards is at once the most interesting, instructive and artistic, yet offered as an advertisement. Every card is a study in itself, and affords an object lesson for both young and old. The series consists of fifty cards, each one of which shows a correct map (properly bounded) of one State, or Territory. The pictures illustrating the peculiar industries and scenery of the States and Territories are entirely new, and by the very best American artists. If you chance to get two cards of one kinds, your neighbor also may have two of a kind, in which case you can exchange with each other. Alabama. Alaska. Arizona territory. Arkansas. California. Colorado. Connecticut. Delaware. Dist. Of Columbia. Florida. Georgia. Idaho Territory. Illinois. Indiana. Indian Territory. Iowa. Kansas. Kentucky. Louisiana. Maine. Maryland. Massachusetts. Michigan. Minnesota. Mississippi. Missouri. Montana Territory. Nebraska. Nevada. New Hampshire. New Jersey. New Mexico Territory. New York. North Carolina. North Dakota. Ohio. Oregon. Pennsylvania. Rhode Island. South Carolina. South Dakota. Tennessee. Texas. Utah Territory. Vermont. Virginia. Washington Territory. West Virginia. Wisconsin. Wyoming Territory. Lith. By Donaldson Brothers, N.Y.

Postcard: Breaking the Raw Prairie, Advertisement for Arbuckle's Ariosa Coffee