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This colorized photographic postcard contains five images. The top left shows a brick building with a manicured yard and trees in front. The image on the top right is a patio in front of the brick building. It has one table and four chairs. There are potted plants along the wall. The bottom right image is of the columns of stonework in front of the brick building with flowerbeds and hedges. The bottom right shows the patio again, further back from the building. It depicts two tables and chairs. The center image is of an attendant applying mud to a customer in a mud couch. There is a person laying behind the attendant also covered in mud. There is printed text below the mud bath. There is printed text and handwriting on the back of the card.

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4"x 5" photographic postcard


Waukesha (Wis.), Bronx (N.Y.), Health resorts, Mud baths, Therapeutic baths, Correspondence


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Enjoying a Health Bath Moor (Mud) Baths, Waukesha, Wis. This world famous health resort offers unusual opportunities for the sick and the well alike. A very large, strictly fireproof and modern hotel building permits us to cater to the most discriminating people. For two generations we have specialized in the restoration of health and have achieved wonderful results through the administration of Moor (Mud) Baths. Our Moor Bath Departments are the most modern in the world. The Weber system of giving baths is exclusive with us and is protected through the use of patented Moor Bath couches. For detailed information write: John Weber, Jr., Manager, Moor (Mud) Baths, Waukesha, Wisconsin, or Phone Waukesha 6661 or 6662. Wednesday 9-3-47 Hello The Greenbart Family! This is the 14th card I am writing, so with the season's greetings and with love to you, Wm & Lillie Leo Greenbart 3080 Hall Ave. Bronx N.Y.

Postcard: Enjoying a Health Bath


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