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John F. Colman



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October 1910


A letter to Judge Elliot of Del Norte from Mr. Colman in which he writes about working with a vein in the mine near where Thomas Bowen had tried and failed to do so about 15 years prior.

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Summitville, Colo 10/10 - 10 Judge Elliott - Del Norte - Colo Dear Judge, The boys are leaving in the morn. They came in this night, Monday, a week ago I went up next day on hill with them & secured the necessary tools for them & measured off the found TC - marked the place for them to trench & sink & luckily they found the much sought for vein - will let them describe their own work. I found them much green at that kind of work. Went up to-day again, as, they told me they wanted to pull out in the moon. Took 4 samples which I am sending out by them, all labeled. So that you can get an intelligent idea of the vein matter. I find the vein takes its original or true course from the two small shafts. They sank, which is as nearly as I can get at it; as N about 10o - west - it is remarkable wide at surface as far as I could see, 18 feet. Possibly much more when walls are found, the dip of vein is the [illegible] one of that belt to the N-East; waited for them to get lowest depth before I should test (pan-list) & learned from them to-night that they would leave very early in the morn, so find I cannot do so, as I am drying the samples in my cook-stove all evening. Am as nearly positive as one can be that you have the sought for vein; as I lived out further East, and saw that Bowen about 15 or 16 yrs ago had trenched above & below the line east & failed to catch it. The character of vein matter, the dip, & the course, also its panning gold quite strong, almost assures me it is the desired one, as near as I can see. I believe the break In the vein west is about on line of your claim & that of Pickens & e. With kind regards, I remain yours sincerely Jno F. Colman P. S. We are having glorious weather at present & for past 4 weeks in this neck of the woods.

Letter about a mine near Del Norte, Colorado


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