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November 1884


A copy of the proceedings of a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Golconda Mining Company which directed that promissory notes be given to Thomas Bowen.

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Certified Copy of Proceedings of Board of Directors At a meeting of the Board of directors of the Golconda Gold Mining Co. held at the office of said company, in Del Norte Colorado on the 12th day of November A.D. 1884 the following among other proceedings were had Whereas the Board consisting of S.M. Janney, J. Ewing Jr. and Loui Weiss heretofore appointed to audit the book accounts of Thos M. Bowen with this company have reported that this company is indebted to said Thos M. Bowen on book account a balance of Forty-six thousand eight hundred & nineteen 54/100 Dollars ($46.819/54) said accounts running from April 25th 1883, to Nov. 10th 1884, not including any of the funding bonds or coupons thereof issued to him dated Nov. 1st 1882. Therefore be it resolved 1st that this company execute and deliver to said Thomas M. Bowen Forty-six promissory notes of ($1000.) One thousand dollars each to be numbered respectively from one to forty-six inclusive. Said notes to become due & payable one year from the date thereof and to bear interest at the rate of ten (10) percent per annum from the date thereof until paid. The payment of the principal and interest of said notes to be secured by a second deed of trust on the following property of the company, to wit: The Golconda Lode & Mining Claim Tunnel Boss Game Cock Len Nick Twenty Stamp Quartz Mill, and five acres of ground on which said mill stands and the Iron Railway from said mines to said mill and all rights rights of way, all appurtenances tools, implements and appliances owned by said company: The terms and provisions of which said Deed of Trust, shall be satisfactory to said Thos M. Bowen. Adair Wilson to be named as Trustee in said deed of trust and Arthur Burton to be named therein as successor in trust Said notes and said deed of trust to be under the corporate seal of this company and shall be signed by the President and by the Secretary thereof and shall be executed and delivered to said Thos M. Bowen without unnecessary delay of bear date when executed. I, E. P. Jones, Secretary of The Golconda Gold Mining Co. do certify that the foregoing is a full true and correct copy of the Preamble and resolution passed at a meeting of the Board of directors of said Company held at Del Norte Colorado, on the 12th day of November A. D. 1884, as the same appears of record in the book containing the record of the proceedings of said company. In testimony where of thereto subscribe my name and affix the seas of said corporation this 29th day of October A. D. 1885. E. P. Jones Secretary

Proceedings of the Board of Directors of the Golconda Mining Company in Del Norte, Colorado


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