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July 1865


Col. W. F. Cloud of the 2nd Kansas offers support to Col. Thomas Bowen upon hearing about his dishonorable dismissal from the service.

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Leavenworth Kansas July 18th 1865 Gen Thos M. Bowen Dear Sir Permit me to suggest that no friendships are more lasting than those formed between Soldiers who have shared dangers Battles and victories. This having been our relation I assure you that I hear with regret that you have been dishonorably dismissed the service of the United States Now Gen when I remember that you were of the first to enter the service and the breaking out of the rebellion that you served during the entire war that you have held official positions and have risen rapidly in rank. That you have had the confidence and esteem of your several commands That you have had commands of danger where your vigilance and skill have enabled you to acquit yourself with honour and to the good of the service that you have invariably maintained good discipline in your commands and labored to secure for your commands all the benefits of the service. That you have been generous and courteous to your fellow officers although ambitious and aspiring I conclude that erroneous presentations must have been made to the war department alike unjust to yourself and dangerous to your brother officers. Permit me Gen to express a sincere hope that an investigation of your care will obtain a reversal of the order and accord to you the honour which you deserve. Sincerely your friend W. F. Cloud Late Col 2nd Kan Cav [Written in pencil] - Cloud

Letter to Brig. Gen. Thomas Bowen from Col. W. F. Cloud


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