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July 1865


Letter to the Secretary of War, the honorable E. W. Stanton, which was signed by soldiers under Col. Bowen's command in the 13th Regiment Kansas Volunteers petitioning that his dismissal be modified to a mustering out.

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Copy Leavenworth City Kans. July 13 1865 Hon: E. W. Stanton Secty. Of War The undersigned officers of the 13th Regt Kansas Vols, make the following statement on honor: In the matter of the dismissal of Colonel Thomas M. Bowen, of this Regt, and Brig. General by Brevet, which dismissal was made as we understand, in consequence of a communication from Genl. Bowen to the War Department asking that the dismissal of Capt. McDougall, be modified to a muster out. The directions given by Genl. Bowen to Capt. McDougall, in regard to Wilsons (Privt, Co.) case, we know were given for the best interest of the service, and we fully believe from our knowledge of the Character of Wilson, that if McDougall had paid him all his money at one time, Wilson (who had once before deserted) would have done so again, (over) By reference to the communication of General Bowen, you will find Wilsons receipt in full to Capt. McDougall. Some time after this retention by Capt. McDougall of Wilsons money, he Wilson, was arrested with one other man Patterson (Citizen) for the murder and robbery of Frank Marshall, But before trial Wilson was released from arrest by Lieut. Col. J. B. Wheeler 13th Kans. Vols. (then commander the post of Fort Smith, Ark.) and is now here with the Regt, to be honorable mustered-out. His accomplice we are informed, was subsequently convicted and executed at Fort Smith Ark. for the murder of Marshall, (see seconds of that case). We believe that Wilson was released to be used as an instrument. We can most fully say that the action of General Bowen in reference to the matter between Capt. McDougall and Wilson was the result of his convictions of right and no criminality should be attached thereto, and we are satisfied that his dismissal from the Service was the result of a misunderstanding of the true state of the case at the War Department, Occasioned by a willful or an ignorant mis-statement of the facts by some person or persons unknown to us. Signed C.S. Woodworth Major 13th Kansas Infty Amos H. Caffee Surgeon 13th Kans. Infty Vols J. Frankhouse Capt. Co. 13th Kans. Infty Vols John Schilling Capt. Co. 13th Kans. Infy. Samuel Flickinger Capt. Co. John F. Shields 2 Lieut. Co 13th Kans. Infty. L. Hensel 1st Lt. Co. 13th Kans. Vols. Infty. N. Slosson 2 Lt. Co. 13th Kans. Vols. Infty. Robert Manville Capt. Co. 13th Kansas Vols Infty Jas. C. McElroy 1st Lt. Co. 13th Kas Vols Infty Alfred A. Clutter 1st Sr. Co. 13th Kas. Vol Infty John H. Croft 1st Sr. Robert B. Grimes 2 Lt. Co. 13th Kan Vols John L. McCully 1st Lieut. C. 13th Kans Infty William S. Blackburn Capt. Co. 13th K.V.I. Alfred C. Low 1st Lieut. Co. 13th K.V.I. O. H. McCauley Capt. Co. 13th K.V.I. W. W. Griffin 1st Lt. Co. 13th K. V. I. G. W. Smith 1st Lt & adjt. 13th K.V.I. Antoine Brentano 1st Lt. Co. 13th Kans. Vol. Infty H. L. McAdams 2 Lt. Co. 13th Kans Infty [Written in pencil]: Copy of papers Proper in case

Letter signed by soldiers under Col. Bowen's command


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