Master's Theses

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Summer 1939

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Master of Science (MS)




Dr. Robert T. McGrath


Can the results of the teaching of the four fundamental operations in arithmetic be improved? This is an important question that confronts most teachers of arithmetic. How can the teacher eliminate the difficulties which interfere with pupil progress, and reduce the number of failures in arithmetic? A group diagnostic test will show not only the level of ability of pupils in the various operations, but will point out weaknesses so that the teacher may organize her work in such a way as to give time to those who are below the standard and omit deadening drill for those who are above. In order to determine what results might be obtained in respect to the problem, a study was undertaken in the Dodge City Junior High School during the year of 1937-1938 to determine specifically where eighth grade pupils are most deficient in the fundamental operations in decimals and to design a special remedial program to eliminate these deficiencies. It is the teacher's task to reduce the number of failures in arithmetic without lowering the standards.


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