George Sternberg Album #2 - Early Canadian Views


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This page is from George Sternberg's personal photo album. A scrapbook page containing three black-and-white photographs. All three are of river landscapes. The left side of the top photograph shows trees and vegetation. The right side of the photograph is a group of large rocks. On the very right side in front of the rocks, there is a small group of trees. The water is calm with a few ripples near the middle. The sky is cloudy. The left side of the middle photograph is a group of large rocks with a smaller group of trees in front. The right side of the photograph is another large rock. Between the two sets of rocks there is another small group of trees in the distance. The water is calm, and the sky is cloudy. The left side of the bottom photograph is a large rock, it is largest from the very left and gets narrower toward the right side. The water is rippled in the center, but calm near the edges. The sky is slightly cloudy. All three photographs are placed horizontally on a plain black paper.

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11 x 15 inch post-bound photographic scrapbook


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Photos taken by our field party 1913. Looking down the Red Deer River, Edmonton formation (23925 July 29-13). Nearly same view as above (23926 July 29-13). Taken from the boat the last of June, (23924 July 29-13).


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