George Sternberg Album #2 - Early Canadian Views


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This page is from George Sternberg's personal photo album. Four photos are on page 68 of the album. These photos are from George Sternberg's collection. All of the photographs on this page include a swelling river. George Sternberg's crew can be seen using poles to push away floating logs from the scow that they are riding on in three of the photos. All of the photos were taken during daylight hours on June 27th. (No year is provided.) The third photo is the only one on this page not to include the scow. Tall vegetation consisting of trees and bushes is present along the riverbank in every photograph on this page. In the first, second, and fourth photos, the number of logs seen floating in the water gradually increases. All four of these photographs on the page are in black and white.

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11 x 15 inch post-bound photographic scrapbook




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R.-21, T.-34, S.-34, ; The river raised very rapidly on June 27th and we were kept very busy clearing away the drift wood from the front of our scow. ; As the river raised large trees and logs were hurled past our scow and we were kept busy pushing them out into the stream away from our boats. ; At 6 oclock June 27th we were compelled to move our sleeping tents aboard the scow as the water began to creep into them. ; Thousands of cut logs were hurled past our camp.