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January 1951


This black and white photograph features a handwritten family tree for the Buch Family - Handwritten Chronology of the Buch Family - pg. 2 Buch History for Emma Hoener

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8" x 10" Glass-plate negative


Family trees, Stafford County (Kan.)


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2. His son Karl born Oct. 15, 1795 continued farming and became much interested in horses. He met a French lady and later married her. Daughter of Peter Balz born Aug. 10, 1778 in Stanfweeler Elsass France and Kathrine Bower Aug. 13, 1778. Died 1862 at the age of 84. Peter & Katherine were married. Across the border in Stanfweiler Elsass France lived the Bolz family, Peter born Aug. 30 1788 was a cabinet maker. Near by on the Ermington (farm) estate lived the Bauer family. Katherine Born Aug. 13, 1778, in whom Peter Balz became interested and were married on 30, 1798. Peter died in 1850. Katherine Bauer Bolz 1862 at the age of 84. Their daughter Maria Dorothea Bolz was born Aug. 4-1802. in whom Karl Buch, son of Joachim & Kathrine Ries became interest[sic]. He being a a farmer had fine horses. It is said he was a handsome yound man, proudly & gallantly he rode to the Ermington H of to visit Dortohea which culmmated[sic] in marriage 1828. He brought his bride to Gersweiler where they lived and reared their family while he continued his farming in near by land. His farm land and meadows also home in Gerswieler are still to be noted. Their children Carl Born 1832, Sophie Zinke 1836, Jacob 1837, Giorge 1839, Henrietta Egerton 1840, Maria Dorothea Dec. 9-1843, our mother


Family trees, Stafford County (Kan.)


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