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Social media sites are instrumental in influencing public perception (Lawson & Strange, 2015). Social media sites, such as Twitter, have provided millions with constant news coverage. Modern social media usage has allowed for public figures, such as President, Donald Trump, to influence public perception through his Twitter account. Because of the influx of information, coming from various sources on social media, it is imperative to consider the implications different types of information sources will have on individual perceptions. Individuals may be more influenced by high-credibility sources when searching for news. The current study attempts to investigate the relationship between language and authority and its effect on media viewer’s perception. Participants were shown one of four Tweets, varying by language used and account type. Participants were then asked questions to assess their views on the message. Results suggest a difference in perception based on language used, level of perceived intelligence, source authentication, and source’s level of knowledge on the topic.


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