2020 SACAD Entrants

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Empirical- KAMS


The purpose of this project was to simplify the process of modifying the Extensible Markup Language (XML) file elements. Having to modify multiple XML files that are used in huge database servers or websites is a huge time-consuming work. I intended to simplify the process with a program. This program was coded with C#. The focus of this project was on making it user friendly, and have the user do less job to complete the XML modification process. The XML base file was extracted from the famous Korean online computer game, Maple Story. There are multiple versions of the XML file, so I intended to make a program that transforms new XML files that are not supported by many programs to old XML, compatible with many other programs and old client versions. The project provides the algorithm and the mechanism of the program. The completion of the project indicates that many processes that cannot be done easily with just a mouse and keyboard can be done easily with just a single button in a program.


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