2020 SACAD Entrants

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Empirical- Undergraduate


Objective: To identify the relationship between performing mock code blue simulations and overall interdisciplinary response time and confidence. Design: Quasi-Experimental, Descriptive Setting: Hays Medical Center Participants: Health Care Providers Methods: During a three-month period, Hays Medical Center healthcare providers will undergo mock code blue simulations to improve response times and increase interdisciplinary team confidence levels. This study will identify the relationship both before and after implementation of mock code blue simulations. The same 100 health care providers will be observed for response times before implementation of the mock code blue simulation, and then will be observed again following a three-month training period with mock code blue simulations. In addition, the sample will voluntarily participate in a pre- and post-survey to identify self-perception of confidence levels in responding to mock code blue simulations using a visual analogue scale (VAS). Results/Conclusion: Pending results and data collection.