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In response to the call by both the Institute of Medicine and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for increased evidence-based practice (EBP) competence and activity by nurses, healthcare institutions worldwide face the challenge of including quality educative content for effective EBP training (Llasus et al., 2014). The purpose of this evidence-based improvement project is to investigate and address current levels of EBP skill and attitude among nursing professional development specialists in a Magnet hospital and provide data for continued improvement of EBP promotion initiatives for nurses. Conclusions synthesized from a review of literature highlight common barriers and facilitators to EBP implementation among nursing professionals and point to the importance of continued efforts to provide EBP instruction to nurses at all levels, emphasizing a need for institutional support and development of advanced nurses as EBP champions. Keywords: Evidence-based practice, EBP, EBP knowledge, EBP attitudes, EBP instruction


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